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Welcome to Bluewave Studio. We are Dominique & Dejan, passionate about art & nature photography, specialized in graphic design & UX UI solutions. With more than 30 years of passion, we combine visual and artistic expression to help you think beyond the ordinary and bring beautiful projects to life.

Dominique & Dejan
Love. Create.
To share.
Graphic Web, Print and Art Creations, Nature and Art Photography, UX UI Analyses and Support, that's what we do with passion.

Beauty is a personal vision of the life around us. Some people will love a sunrise, others a winter landscape or a wilderness in the forest. One can like blue, black, red. Or a gradient of different colours. Whether it is artistic or technical, a photo or an application, everything remains linked to the pleasure of discovery, through the eyes, the touch, to obtain or offer satisfaction.

We cultivate close and discreet relationships with our customers, with adapted and useful solutions to your real needs, to improve their performances. Thus, every strategy or artwork we imagine and achieve is based on positive changes, thought out for our customers as well as their future, for immediate or longer term pleasure.

At Bluewave Studio you will collaborate with Dominique Dolenac, Director, Photographer and UX UI Analyst, in collaboration with her husband Dejan Dolenac, Artistic Director, Graphic Designer, Photographer and UX UI Expert.

Hello. We welcome you.

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This is for you. Sunrises, nature, Wow moments.
Enjoy it. Come and discover our photo gallery.
Just be. Love. And stay free. Yes, our difference is our strength.
Dejan Dolenac
Dad, Photographer, Designer, Wind / Surfer



We are passionate by brilliant ideas, innovation and the symphony that reunites both of them for a beautiful experience. From SMEs to Foundations, from Brands to Public Institutions, our targeted solutions are thought out to adapt to your requests.

Have a project in mind?
So let's do it.
You and us. Together.
Tell us about the cool ideas you would like to realize.
While enjoying a cup of coffee. Or two.
Magnificent Metal Posters
More than just a picture.
Fine Art Prints.
To beautify your living space. And your professional space.
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Amazing Hot Sky Clouds 1
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Summer Gold Brilliance
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More sunrises. More landscapes. More nature.
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Respect is accepting the difference. We just have to listen and look to communicate.
Dominique Dolenac
Mother, Photographer, Surfer Girl

You & Us


Let's work together. You’ve got an idea, a project? Graphic design? Artistic photography? You have our undivided attention. We’ll talk about it with pleasure around a cup of coffee.*

*we also enjoy tee

Bluewave Studio
Dominique & Dejan Dolenac
1854 Leysin | Swiss Alps

Subject to change without notice
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