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The Agency

Bluewave is a communication agency specialized in custom-made web, mobile & design solutions. With more than 20 years of experience, we combine numerical, UX, and visual strategies to help you think beyond the ordinary and bring your projects to life.

Creative digital
Design, Digital, Passion

Nowadays digital is at the core of every relationship, from communication to marketing and brand involvement. An evolution towards mastering this environment is essential to your success.

As partner of this evolution, our goal is to give you the possibility to reinvent yourself by adapting to the digital world as well as visual.

We cultivate close and discreet relationships with our customers, we invent and develop adapted and useful solutions to your real needs, to improve their performances. Thus, every strategy we imagine and achieve is based on positive changes, thought out for our customers as well as their future, may it be immediate or in the longer-term.

Our mission is to propose qualitative, innovative and functional solutions. Excellence often outcomes from the easiest solutions.

The agency is directed by Dominique DOLENAC, Executive Director, UX and UI Analyst, in collaboration with her husband Dejan DOLENAC, Project Manager, Artistic and Technical Director.

For us
For you
Source Code
We visualize and imagine the core of systems.
Not just integrators, we are designers and developers.
This difference is our strength.
Art/Tech Director


We are passionate by brilliant ideas, innovation and the symphony that reunites both of them for a beautiful experience. From SMEs to Foundations, from Brands to Public Institutions, our targeted solutions are thought out to adapt to your requests.

UX: User
The user at the heart of everything

Our vision of a well thought-out digital space places the user as our priority and requires a targeted methodology from us. Many tests are made complementing the creation and the analysis of new needs until the deployment of the service.

We focus our efforts on a specific goal, namely the conception of the fittest digital and design solution according to your real needs without neglecting style.

The stylistic serving the useful

Thanks to our seasoned abilities, any new challenge is at our reach, allowing us to offer custom-made technical solutions which are innovative as well as efficient and accessible.

Our unique visual propositions are perfectly targeted, due to either their surprisingly artistic quality, their careful design, or their simple and direct graphical concept.

Detailed Analysis.
We are all eyes

We propose a unique expertise regarding the UX and UI analysis of your current digital environment. You benefit from the abilities of a neutral partner with more than 20 years of experience.

Every day we visit, use or discover online services, websites, apps, interfaces or systems with ergonomic mistakes, navigational shortcomings, and which aren’t as functional or “user friendly” as they should be, especially on a mobile device (smartphone).

We are by your side and ready to listen.
Your adaptation to the evolution can smoothly happen.
You can count on us.
Dominique DOLENAC
Executive Director


You’ve got an idea, a project? A website? An app? A design? An analysis? You have our undivided attention. We’ll talk about it around a cup of coffee.*

*we also enjoy tee

Leysin, Swiss Alps

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