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Art Landscapes Deco

Wow Click


Every second we can live a magical moment. We must listen to all our senses to capture these unique moments. How we arrive to this point, smartphone or reflex, matters less than the shared emotion.

Dominique & Dejan
Open your eyes
Capture the
Wow Moments.
Day or night. In the mountains, in the city, facing the ocean. Alone, in the middle of a crowd, with friends. Capturing a unique moment can be done any second, no matter where you are. Taking spontaneous photos or preparing the event, it all depends on the present moment or the moment to come. Getting up at 5 am as well as going to bed at midnight will allow you to create a particular work.

A nocturnal atmosphere, an amazing sunrise, a breathtaking landscape, these are always moments of happiness. Our achievements are unique. They reflect our desires just as they can be adapted to your needs.

We work by instinct to capture this precise second that will make all the difference. It is with pleasure that we will collaborate with you, to realize a particular work or an artistic creation intended for your brand, your catalogue, living or work space.

More than just words, we invite you to follow our Instagram account to discover a selection of our photos, our vision and our wow moments that we share with pleasure.

We also offer you the possibility to acquire them via the Displate platform.

Fine Art Prints
Metal Posters.
You can also purchase some of our artworks on, especially our different pictures, to beautify your living space and your professional space.

Displate is a manufacture specializing in creating exceptional metal posters and a platform gathering talented artists from all over the world.

We have chosen to collaborate with the Displate team to offer you superior quality with metal printing, allowing you to have special artworks to decorate your walls.

  • UHD Metal Printing
  • Finish Matte or Gloss
  • Different sizes M, L, XL
  • No frame, Wood or Graphite effect frame

Offer a magnificent gift. Decorate your office.
Or enjoy yourself.

Decorate, Enjoy yourself
More than just a picture.
Fine Art Prints.
To embellish your living space. And your professional space.
#photo #landscapess #nature #sunrise #sunset
Summer Colors 2
Available on Displate
Storm Light 1
Available on Displate
Dark Storm Sky 3
Winter Magical Forest 2
Available on Displate
Salt Lake Sunset 1
Summer Gold Brilliance
Available on Displate
Field of Reeds
Available on Displate
Amazing Hot Sky Clouds 1
Available on Displate
Summer Wave Brilliance 2
Available on Displate
Soon: Photo Gallery.
Discover more.

More sunrises. More landscapes. More nature.
More of our artworks on Displate.

Photo Expertise
Our competences.
For you.

Art Photography
Nature, Landscapes, Wow Moments
Catalog, Brand
Visual XXL Decoration
Limited Edition, Collection

Another project?

You & Us


Let's work together. You’ve got an idea, a project? Graphic design? Artistic photography? You have our undivided attention. We’ll talk about it with pleasure around a cup of coffee.*

*we also enjoy fruit juice

Bluewave Studio
Dominique & Dejan Dolenac
1854 Leysin | Swiss Alps

Subject to change without notice
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