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About us.

Passion Attentiveness Trust


Our philosophy and motivations? To imagine, create, and propose both innovative and functional services to follow you towards success in the digital and design world. Excellence often outcomes from the easiest solutions, with a creative spark for the pleasure of surprise.

Dominique & Dejan DOLENAC
Bluewave Studio Founders
and experience.
Bluewave: Listen, Communicate, Create

You’ve never heard of us until now? This is probably due to the fact that we dedicate more energy towards customer satisfaction than towards self-promotion. We don’t seek the spotlights, we appreciate the discretion of a job well done by implicating ourselves in our creations and projects.

The Bluewave agency is directed by Dominique DOLENAC, Executive Director, UX and UI Analyst, in collaboration with her husband Dejan DOLENAC, Project Manager, Artistic and Technical Director, UX and UI Expert. Our flexible and reactive structure allows us to efficiently respond to each and every request, with a 14-years-old concept based on the inclusion of partners and collaborators, both experts in their respective fields.

Dejan Dolenac started creating websites in 1997, under the references "Dolenac Bluewave" and later on "Bluewave.ch", because of his passion for design and NTICs. He received the “Oscar PME 2001 du Parti Radical” awarded by the Federal Councilor Pascal Couchepin who was, at the time, chief of the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs. Dejan participated in diverse projects linked to Alinghi, Porsche, Procter & Gamble, the State of Geneva, the University of Geneva, brands, SMEs, independents, communes, police, politics, and institutions. His abilities were also noted by the President and Professor Bernard Morard of the University of Geneva (HEC), since he was a speaker and supervisor at the university’s continuing education for three years.

Dominique Dolenac, after a formation in the insurances, decided to privilege the education of their three children and joined her husband in his professional journey, bringing a new and benevolent look and sharp advice and assuming the management and direction of Bluewave Studio Sàrl.

Fusional in their private life as well as in their professional life, Dominique and Dejan symbiotically work together in perfect complementarity towards the same objective. Both of them bring their own abilities, ideas and sensitivity to produce global solutions and coherent creations, inspired by the times to adapt to the requirements in perpetual mutation.

With a feminine approach and vision necessary to the success of any project, passion and imagination are the essential complements to knowledge and experience at the service of our customers.

Privileging functionality

Along with the targeted environment, we prefer a pragmatic approach to ensure as much as possible to our technical recommendations an efficient long-term functionality and an optimal reading on any type of medium, from the notebook to the tablet including smartphones and the “big screen”.

Before suggesting inappropriate and avant-garde methods, we emphasize the “User eXperience” to offer a real efficiency to our creations. Listening closely to our customers and understanding their field of activity allow us to frame their stakes and priorities while anticipating their needs.

months of experience
Source of inspiration, Urban immersion

The Bluewave agency is located in Leysin, in the heart of the Vaud Alps, in Switzerland, which provides an amazing frame for life and work. Remote from any sound and atmospheric pollution, everything in Leysin is a source of inspiration to evade, to feed the mind, to stimulate creativity in a unique landscape, and to let your artistic thoughts run free.

And yet, the effervescence and the dynamic urban solicitations, from not so far cities such as Montreux, Lausanne or Geneva, stimulate our senses by immersing us in an additional cultural diversity, providing the adaptation to societal evolutions essential to any project.

projects & concepts
and Dejan.
A match made in heaven

Partners in life from their youth, they’ve met before their twenties, married and by each other’s side for 28 years. Working together was obvious. The duo Dominique & Dejan successfully achieves its projects by applying the same recipes which make their private life so fulfilling. Stability, trust, and sharing are its essential pillars.

Proud parents of three young adults, they evolved with new technologies, from the beginning of the Internet to the generation Y. They managed to stay aware of trends and of the customer’s expectations, while keeping an eye to the future, because what matters is to blossom and to last for the pleasure of achieving common projects.

listening & adapting


You’ve got an idea, a project? A website? An app? A design? An analysis? You have our undivided attention. We’ll talk about it around a cup of coffee.*

*we also enjoy hot chocolate

Leysin, Swiss Alps

Bluewave Studio Sàrl
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