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Web Mobile System


What technology must bring is comfort, security and functionality before anything else. This fusion will undeniably offer efficiency and acceptance of new, useful and practical concepts in everyday life, confidently used. How we arrive to this point matters less than the final result.

Art/Tech Director
Web global.
Mobile friendly.
Bluewave: Intuitive solutions

When developing a mobile app, a reactive website full of content, or any other numerical project, our passionate work connects us to your issues in order to obtain a maximum performance and longevity. Our services are as evolutive as efficient while maintaining an approach dedicated to tested environments. Our management systems’ simplicity of use is important to us because we prioritize our contributors to simplify their daily work.

Platforms come and go, these which today are considered innovative will be the next to become obsolete. Paying careful attention to using durable functionalities will ensure the development’s continuity. We have environments some of which have existed for 10 years and still work to this day, with only necessary updates.

The solutions that we recommend and that you will use are adapted to concrete needs, regardless of the specificity and scale of the project. They are evolutive, ensuring their usability over time and allow you to benefit of new modules, a new interface or supplementary options while preserving your initial system, as far as the present conditions allow it.

We aren’t simply integrator, we are designer and developer, which means that we understand the core of systems, apprehend the code and can intervene at the root. We know why this container and its content react the way they do in conjunction with the medium on which they are projected.

With each new project we don’t hesitate if necessary to question our approach to evolve, adapt and find the best solutions from which you can benefit.

This is for you: Our competences
Any type of website
Internet systems, Extranet
Web App, Mobiles
Content Management System (CMS)
Support, Maintenance, Evolution
HTML, CSS, PHP, iOS (...)
Custom-made Developement
UX + UI Conception
Hosting and Cloud*

*with our partner Infomaniak (Geneva, Switzerland)


You’ve got an idea, a project? A website? An app? A design? An analysis? You have our undivided attention. We’ll talk about it around a cup of coffee.*

*we also enjoy fruit juice

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