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Analysis UX UI Project


What matters to us is to accompany and guide you as a neutral partner with your teams. We listen to you, we observe then study, apprehend, and understand your issues, your constraints, your desires to elaborate solutions for the problems you are facing.

Dominique DOLENAC
Executive Director
We are all eyes
Detailed Analysis.

You have a developing project and wish to have them analyzed to increase its impact or to ensure that it will be optimized and truly functional on every level? Your website or app doesn’t have the intended effect? The navigation or ergonomics are perfectible? You have doubts on the digital or visual strategy to follow? We will help because we see everything.

Every day we visit, use or discover online services, websites, apps, interfaces or systems with ergonomic mistakes, navigational shortcomings, and which aren’t as functional or “user friendly” as they should be, especially on a mobile device (smartphone).

We are by your side to neutrally analyze your project. We precisely visualize, for some mistakes after the first few minutes of use, the different visual aberrations and technical flaws associated to the conception of a website, an app, a system interface, or a graphical approach. Any work requires abilities, knowledge, passion, and most of all experience. You can benefit from ours.

We never judge your direct provider, it’s not our role. We objectively analyze the design (UI), functionalities, ergonomics, navigation, and the information’s reading strategy on different mediums, with the discretion and human respect everybody deserves. All of it must be simple, quick, coherent, and must really adapt as “responsive design” or “hybrid design” to different screens from PCs/Macs to smartphones including tablets or any other interface. All of this is the "User eXperience" (UX).

We can intervene in collaboration with your current provider or work in the shadows as a “ghost partner” and directly provide you our analysis, our observations, and the appropriate solutions, advocating for the necessary evolutions. Thus, you will be able to understand where the flaws are and how to fix them. To sum up, you take the control back.

Consulting Expertise
For you.
Our competences.

Digital and Design Audit
Strategy, Marketing Advice
Project Manager, Team Coaching
UI Functionalities, UX Ergonomics
Website, App, System Analysis


Let's work together. You’ve got an idea, a project? Graphic design? Digital analysis? Artistic photography? You have our undivided attention. We’ll talk about it with pleasure around a cup of coffee.*

*we also enjoy sparkling water

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